Friday, March 04, 2005

Well - after only five (or possibly six) weeks of having a sore foot I've finally been to the physiotherapist to get something done about it. Yup for some reason it was easier to live with the pain than actually do something about it.

I'm not talking walking on daggers pain... more a dull throbbing pain... and really I can live with that... and after the first couple of km it sort of warmed up and wasn't so bad.

The physio was a cute young man - so I didn't feel my money was totaly wasted. He did spend a lot of time wrapping my foot up in tape (most of which I've now taken off cos it was so ridiculous). The foot's still sore - but it must be getting better... I mean hell! I've spent money on it - that guarantees a fast heal doesn't it?

He also talked about orthotics... I asked if he made them to fit high heels and laughed when he said 'not really'. I mean, I'm a short fashion conscious woman... he can't seriously expect me to wear flat shoes!

Fashion is pain.... it's the price we pay!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Is 'unremittingly bleak' a bad comment for a piece of writing? Not necessarily I think - though I have added a smile and taken out a bit of death. Ok so I've now written one flash fiction since returning from Clarion. Only 5 stories to rewrite and a novel to get serious about. Piece of piss.

Have a bit of a snuffle - which I'm about to take to bed.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's 10.30pm and I was going to have finished the 500 word flash fiction that I started on Sunday by now. Yup completed - ready to go - finito!

Instead I'm net surfing, checking out the Clarion Yahoo Messages, reading Suzanne's blog, generally stuffing around. I'm much closer to finishing my flash fiction than I was at 8pm when I got in. In fact all I need to do is nut out the final paragraph, the closing line.... not as easy done as said.

I'm not going to bed till it's finished. No siree.... busy day tomorrow - got to get up early and run 'cos I've got some lunch meeting with the local police and an after work one with local sporty types. So the sooner I finish wasting time here the sooner I'll be in bed, eyes closed, mind floating to that sleepy place. I better set two alarm clocks... or even better three. I'm hopeless at getting out of bed when I'm not meeting someone. Where's my Canadian running buddy? Hey?

Stop reading. If you weren't reading I wouldn't feel compelled to write - then I could finish my damn story and go to bed. It's all your fault. I'm not responsible. Ok on the count of three I'll stop writing and you'll stop reading.

One.... two..... three

Why are you still reading?

Monday, February 28, 2005

'Fables and Reflections' has bought 'Green Fingers'. Yay!

I wrote 250 new words this weekend AND bought new sneakers and went for an 8km run with a girlfriend. So all around feeling pretty successful at the moment. Great way to start the week.

Also got an early birthday present from Random by way of a cash contribution to replacing lost sports gear and a late Christmas present from Auntie Val by way of cash... so I'm not going to be left eating stale bread and baked beans until next pay after all - even bigger Yay!

Now back to work - I think I'm doing evacuation training this morning...