Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The great scone-off

L and I are engaged in a scone-off.

How did this come about? Well last week, hunting through my recipe book, I came across onion and parmesan scones. "How cool!" thought I and proceeded to cook.

When L turned up I plied him with said scones (very excited at my creativity).

"What do you think of them?" I asked.

"They aren't as good as the ones my grandmother used to make," says he.

So, being more than a little competitive, I have taken up the challenge. I will best said dead grandmother if it kills me. Actually it's more likely to kill L first. Death by scone.

So last night I bake up a fresh batch of scone (basic recipe - none of this modern onion and cheese bit) and drive over to L's place. I add home made jam (not by me) and cream (from a can). I put in front of L. I watch.

His face tells it all. Yet again bestest by the dearly deceased. Ha there are more scone recipes out there. L will give in before I do! Scone for life.


Blogger chrisbarnes said...

Are you sure he hasn't invented this scone-making grannie just as a ploy to get you to keep making scones for him?

Frankly I think he sounds a bit ungrateful. Bring the scones to me instead. I'll enjoy them AND keep silent about my scone-making rellies.

7:31 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

I shall bake the dead grandmother from her grave.....

(Actually that sounds rather ick in a decomposing human flesh cannibal sort of way)

3:52 PM  

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