Friday, May 25, 2007

Scattered thoughts....

In writing I have got two things into circulation in the last week or so. The first is a new story - sent out to the Shoalhaven Literary Awards. The second is Clarion 05 story subbed to the KSP Science Fiction / Fantasy Awards.

The original story was approx 4200 words. So to make it eligible for the KSP I had to carve 700 odd words off it. The first 400 were amazingly easy to lose - and made it a tighter better piece of fiction.

The remaining 300 were harder - and I'm not sure yet whether they have been to the benefit of the story. Time will tell I guess.

In soccer news we played a neighbouring council tonight and managed a 1 all draw - despite us having no subs and them having about 4 (and we suspect the goalie is a former - not current - employee). Hell we even had fun!

After, at the pub, chatting with people who work for the same organisation - but who had it not been for soccer - people I might never had chatted to much - found out that one of the guys who has been really cool in training - giving tips and helping out - is very recently separated from his wife. Such a sadness - reminded me of unhappy relationships and sad endings. Why do we find it so hard to hold relationships with people we love?

Luckily I still think L is gorgeous - even if he didn't make it to soccer tonight cos he was ripping out his kitchen. IN fact I would have been cuddling up next to him tonight were it not for the fact that....

I have a one-on-one session with literary acclaimed author Andrew O'Hagan tomorrow. A benefit of my uni thing. He's (hopefully) read my 25 odd pages of sadly lacking prose and will have some informative things to say.

Before then I have to post stuff on the uni board and generally try and work out how and when I'm going to write an essay on how fab uni has been!

Oh yeah - and how about the media pressue on K Rudd's wife to quit her business. Why is his career (as potential future prime minister of Australia) more important than her career? Not impressed.


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