Saturday, June 04, 2005

I spent last night at home. By choice I'll have you know - the option of driving to Haberfield to catch up with people didn't appeal anywhere near as much as the thought of a quiet night at home. Of course the down side to this was I had my hair cut on Thursday night, and an eyelash tint on Friday lunchtime - so I was a bit disappointed about wasting my transient beauty on an empty flat. But then I had a thought!

On television women are always lolling around the house in smart clothes, hair perfectly coiffed, make-up on. I thought to myself 'Ah ha!'. Here was my moment to lounge, movie star like, in the comfort of my own home. I considered stripping down to lacy black underwear with high heels to complete the image - but then decided it was too cold.

I posed on the lounge, lolled on the bed and swanned around the kitchen. Then I got bored. So I went out, bought Indian takeaway and watched Big Brother while scoffing my butter chicken and wearing my tracksuit pants and a daggy sweat shirt.

Monday, May 30, 2005

I went for a run last week after a late meeting. At the local oval, that I used to run on as a school girl, the lights were still on. Reliving my youth I dumped my keys in the grass and ran the length of the sideline. Up on my toes, arms pumping, inhaling the wet grass. Sneakers slipping on the dew wet ground as I picked up speed.

On my fourth run through the lights went off. A moment of absolute darkness as my eyes adjusted. Then the slow hunt for the keys left in the grass.

Thorbies writing group on Sunday. They set a topic 'Muzzle Flash'. Up until late last night the brain ticking with ideas.