Saturday, July 09, 2005

I went to a medical centre on Friday. All I wanted was for them to check my blood pressure and have a look at my iron levels. I had a dizzy spell on Thursday night. The second dizzy spell I've had in the last six weeks or so.

What I got was a Doctor who felt my glands, looked in my ears, listened to my heart and referred me onto Pathology for blood tests and a CAT scan. "A fishing expedition" she called it.

When I made 'too busy' noises re the CAT scan she said, "Either you're sick, or you're not." I didn't cancel.

Now two things here... 1. All medical centres will refer you to pathology if they have half a chance.... especially if that pathology resides under the same roof as them.

2. My sister died of a brain seizure two weeks after she'd had a CAT scan which reveiled that everything was normal.

Not happy Jan.

Just give me the iron tablets and let me go.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My brother rang the other evening from the UK and put my niece on the line. Apparently my attempts at communicating with the 3 year old failed - she very quickly said 'Bye' and handed me back to Dad!

I must confess to a level of work related grumpiness today. We've had to redo all the position descriptions for all staff in the organisation so they are all in a consistent format referring to things under like headings, making sure that the 'essential' criteria relating to OHS etc are all included that sort of thing. Fair enough.

However, I got rather short on the phone with someone from HR who rang to tell me that one of the position descriptions for my staff wasn't correctly formatted. When I pointed out that I really didn't care if the tick next to the word 'Low' was in a box or not in a box and that the reason I hadn't added their suggestions to the last version I sent through was because I felt it was repititious and unnecessary they asked if they'd called at a bad time.

I try so hard to be nice to people. But sometimes it's very difficult.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Practiced my synchronised swimming moves in the bath tub this evening with a glass of champagne. Felt the need to chill after a frantic day of catching up with various family members and playing with steam trains.

This evening (post tub) 1,000 new words.