Monday, October 25, 2004

25 October, 2004

Well the official list of those selected for Clarion South was posted today. Wonderful to read the names of these people who I'll presumably come to know and love... slightly scary to see my name wasn't one of them.

Of course I maintained my usual calm good humour. Ok, well maybe my little heart pounded faster, and possibly I sent a couple of rapid emails of the 'Please explain' variety.

Very apologetic responses - it was a terrible mistake. Yes I was in, yes they posted the revised correct official list. Bah... I was never worried!

Actually I'm getting a little nervous about Clarion. Will I be able to come up with ideas? What happens if I have six weeks of writers block? How will I go sharing space with people for six weeks (how will they go sharing with me?)

I'm currently working on a story and I've got to say it's taking a loooong time to get it down on paper. But the flat is looking very tidy!