Saturday, August 19, 2006

Back in from two weeks in Fiji. Dirty clothes in the wash, mother spoken to, mail opened.

What to say? Cocktails, diving, swimming, snorkelling, wine, rainforests, tropical downpours and moist sweaty bodies....

Interesting moments when, some hundreds of kilometres from the nearest hospital we follow a large Fijian carrying a machete into the rainforest. We returned some hours later and were invited to the feast that followed (Christian style).

Two of the most spectacular dives I have ever been on. Soft corals, reef sharks and a plenitude of fish life too great to list.

Did I get much writing done? *Scrunches her nose up*

I guess the honest answer is 'No'. But I did kinda finish the novel and scribbled some notes about a short story and caught up on reading. Actually I really mostly caught up on reading.

Lynn Flewelling's third bone child or something novel which satisfactorily completed the triad. Neil Gaiman's American Gods which impressed me mightily. Robin Hobb's Soldier Son book (first in the trilogy) and somewhat disappointing I felt. Isobel Carmody's 'The Ashling' which is in the Oberthingy series. She's a solid writer and I wasn't disappointed though 3 (or is it 4?) books in I'm starting to look for some completion. Rose Tremain's 'The Colour' which was finely crafted - though lost a little for me in the second half.

There were a few more - another triolgy thingy which was ok. Wish I could remember the author and a something else too....

Now a wedding and then work.