Thursday, August 09, 2007

The galleys for Overland arrived yesterday - so I spent this evening proofing them. A couple of minor typos - but nothing significant. I'll send them back tomorrow along with my ATO Statement for why I'm not quoting an ABN.

Otherwise spent the evening snuffling a bit and doing a re-write of a story that is about 3 years old. I've decided if it cleans up ok I'll shoot it off to a historical writing competition. It's much improved - but I'm not sure if it's good enough. I'll play some more on the weekend and make the decision then.

A package at the post office to be picked up tomorrow. My e-tag I think. Don't tell L about it. He's philosophically opposed to them. I admit I'm pretty annoyed that the government is going crazy selling our roads off - but not so annoyed that I can be stuffed trying to find change OR avoiding using said roads.

Tomorrow last day of work before two weeks off. Yipee!