Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yesterday when I got home there was an envelope in my mailbox. One yellow envelope with address but no stamp. I knew immediately who it was from. I have a friend who's a postie and, just as some of us might occassionally commit acts of workplace fraud (like using the phone for a personal call, or printing something on the work printer) she commits her workplace fraud by sending letters without stamps.

In fact she's the only regular card sender and letter writer I know. Think of all those lost 50 cent pieces. Postage impropriety!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Following on from the arrival of 'Outcast' in my mailbox last Wednesday I have received an email from Russ at TiconOnline accepting my story 'Iron Shirt' for publication some time in either December 2006 or March 2007.

Another publication for me, and in an e-zine that seems to be gaining increasing attention.

At this stage, by the end of the year, my list of 2006 publications is likely to look something like this....

"Baby Time" Antipodean
"Last Bulkhead" - Shadowed Realms
"Things of Beauty" - Outcast antho
"The Crying Chair" - Fables & Reflections (not out yet)
"Half Life" Antipodean (out in July)
"Iron Shirt" Ticonderoga Online (out in December - maybe March)

I particularly like 'Iron Shirt' and am very happy that it has found a home. Now - back to novel stuff!