Wednesday, May 03, 2006

100 words a day - it's that easy

My Canadian buddy Suzanne has signed up for some '100 words a day' thing. While I haven't signed up (cos that would be way too much like commitment) I have been trying it out. It's pretty easy you know. In fact all this week I've been doing it and usually I write more. It's realeasing me from all the guilt I usually feel about the fact that I believe I should be writing more words more often.

In fact this week my novel has crept from 30,000 words (where it's been for some time) up to just under 32,000 words.

In other stuff, I've booked a day off on Monday and am going to catch up with my old mentor Terry Dowling for a gas bag.

So all in all I'm over last week's writing blues.