Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I don't believe in Santa Claus and I don't send Christmas cards.

Tinsel and Christmas lights in the shape of reindeer bring me out in a rash.

Christmas Day is something to be lived through....

And I'm not sure how much everyone else has spent buying gifts for people because you feel you have to - not because you want to - but I'm well over the Australia average and counting (that's what having multiple families does for you).

I don't look forward to present, but paste the smile on and do my best. Perhaps if I was a poker player it would all be easier.

And while I don't mind a bit of ham, after 3 days the thrill fades - besides I've always been more of a white meat girl.

So I wish you all a something. I'll be the one hiding out the back on Christmas Day, chug-a-lugging Champagnes and practicing that smile... just like a great white.
Sometimes I'm just too harsh.

This is about someone I know. A person I've met through work. Someone who, for the past 18 months I've been writing off as socially inept, a poor communicator, pompous and without a single original thought in their head.

Tonight I learned that I'd been too judgemental. On two separate occassions this evening I saw behind the exterior, the heart of the man. Saw him speak passionately and in a well informed manner on two seprate topics. Expressing himself well (far better than I've ever seen before). I feel terrible about having been so judgement - but it's also kind of exciting seeing this person defy the limitations I'd set on them. I'm opening my eyes and forcing myself to look more closely at people. It's too easy to look no further than the surface.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Well Stephanie Gunn of Horrorscope has the following to say about my story 'Iron Shirt' up on Ticonderoga Online at the moment...

The first offering in this issue is Iron Shirt by Susan Wardle. Wardle mixes up medieval torture with a future setting, a strange and almost jarring juxtaposition. While the premise is interesting, I found that there was a lack of emotion in this story – surprising, since one of the sub-plots is a thwarted love.

And Ellen Datlow the following in a post to the Clarion South 05 board, " just read “Iron Shirt” in Ticonderogaonline. Brava! Great story."

Once again demonstrating that it's all about personal taste!