Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I don't believe in Santa Claus and I don't send Christmas cards.

Tinsel and Christmas lights in the shape of reindeer bring me out in a rash.

Christmas Day is something to be lived through....

And I'm not sure how much everyone else has spent buying gifts for people because you feel you have to - not because you want to - but I'm well over the Australia average and counting (that's what having multiple families does for you).

I don't look forward to present, but paste the smile on and do my best. Perhaps if I was a poker player it would all be easier.

And while I don't mind a bit of ham, after 3 days the thrill fades - besides I've always been more of a white meat girl.

So I wish you all a something. I'll be the one hiding out the back on Christmas Day, chug-a-lugging Champagnes and practicing that smile... just like a great white.


Blogger Suzanne said...

Bummer! I wish I could share some of the joy. Even though Christmas stresses me out, I also enjoy parts of it -- getting cards in the mail, baking cookies, decorating the house.

Sending hugs your way.

2:04 PM  
Blogger Brian G Ross said... that case Susan, I hope you had a crappy Christmas.



1:39 AM  

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