Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursdays make me tired. Actually it's Wednesdays that make me tired and Thursdays that I live tired in.

I work somewhere between 1 1/2 and 2 days on a Wednesday. Yesterday it was two. In at 8am out at 10pm. That's 14 hours = 2 work days.

So on Thursdays my body and brain struggle - usually till around 4.30pm when I stagger out the door and home to bed. I sleep for an hour or sometimes two then I usually wonder forth to a cafe for a dinner and a glass of wine and scribble furiously in a notebook or scrawl comments on my manuscript.

This afternoon I dreamt about my sister - who I haven't dreamed of in many months. It wasn't a sad dream - it was just a dream in which she was one of many players.

I stagger out now and find my cafe. Then, mind fired up I'll come home and watch rubbish TV until later than I should - ensuring that Friday morning is a struggle too.

Next Wednesday I don't have to work. Will my body remember that Thursday is tired day?


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