Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Government are doing a wonderful thing for all us non smokers. From July 1 (I think) pubs are smoke free. Well actually they're not. You can still smoke in the gaming lounge areas (because in actual fact the Government are a pack of gutless wonders who gave into the gaming lobby who contribute too much money to Government revenue for any real progress to take place...)

Anyway - I plan to go to the pub on 1 July. I will wash my hair first and make sure I wear an especially pourous wool cardigan or somesuch - just so that I can luxuriate in the fact that I won't come home smelling of stale cigarette. Stale alcohol I can live with... stale cigarette I cannot.

Yes the last couple of years my pub going has dropped back to a couple of times a year (well maybe I'm exaggerating... usually after about 16 drinks or so my sense of smell seems to disappear along with my good sense and ability to stand up straight).

This shan't be a frivolous drink - oh no... this is serious stuff. I shall sit in a chair near the window and sip a glass of champagne. I shall look out said window and sneer in a snug manner at any hapless smokers who have been forced to sneak out into the cold for a smoke.

Yay non smokers of the world! Unite. Help abolish lung cancer and ensure a future of yummier tasting kisses for all!