Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The problem with achievement is the more we achieve the higher the expectations we set ourselves.

My first publication, an acceptance by Antipodean SF had me bouncing over the house in transports of joy. Now an acceptance by Anitpodean SF is pleasing - but not the high point it was the first time.

So now I expect a lot of myself. I want to sell stories to paying publications. I have a mental list of places I'd like to see my work published. Perhaps I should lower my sights - just try and get things published - anywhere. At this point in my writing endeavour does it really matter if the market pays or not?

Shane and Nathan had a thread on Shane's blog - expressing disappointment in the CS05 gangs lack of success over the last 12 months. Success is all relative. Compared to any other period in my life 2005 was my most successful writing year ever. I had some publications, I was well placed in the odd competition, longlisted in the Varuan Awards, I even received a couple of positive comments in reviews... but I want more. Ever greedy.

I know my writing style and technique has a long way to go in improvement - that I need to be patient and keep working. Is it wrong to want it all now?