Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some bright spark has suggested that on 18 August women writers should submit to F&SF - the aim being to bomb them with 100 short stories written by women on that particular day (and up their publications by women). It's an interesting idea - I'm going to see if I can finish the (loosely titled) 'Dirt Farm' by then.

The thing is - having decided I wanted to get Dirt Farm finished for this month's Thorbies I immediately had an overwhelming desire to work on novel - which I've been doing to great effect. End result is a couple of thousand shiny new novel words (and some mid chapter re-arrangement) but nothing for Thorbies.

BUT for an 18 August deadline I could aim to sub to July Thorbies. Hmmmmm

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well I'm a week in on my alcohol free bint. I've broken the limit and current the charity of my choice is $30 up and with a big work function for Luke on Friday night involving free French champagne I'm guessing by Saturday morning I'm going to be feeding a small African village somewhere.

On the good side I have cut back considerably. I was in the habit of having pretty much a glass of wine or two every evening and say twice a week consuming the better part of a bottle of wine... and that's not counting special occassions when I would drink a bit more.

So I'm actually feeling pretty healthy. My liver is loving me and, despite the temptation of champagne on Friday, I'm pretty determined to limit things to a couple of drinks and then return to an alcohol free state.

The other good thing is not drinking helps writing. I've had pretty productive evenings both Sunday and last night - so that also feels pretty good.