Saturday, December 31, 2005

I've been observing beach breast ettiquette. It seems that it's social acceptable to display ones bosoms at the beach so long as one is lying or sitting still. For some reason this is not rude, obscene or even slightly risque.

However if one walks or swims or even stands one must put ones bikini top back on. It's true - I've been watching (not too closely though - lest someone take offence).

A sunbathing beauty will, upon ceasing to bake, cover up to swim. Bouncing bosoms on the beach are inappropriate.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's official - I'm longlisted in the HarperCollins Varuna Awards. Yay!

Now I have to send the readable remainder of my project in by the end of next week - lucky I've been using the break to put more words on paper. I'll be sending them just under 30,000 words I believe. I think a more complete project will have a better chance of winning through than mine - but I'm proud of what I'll be putting forward.

Just back from a couple of days down the coast. Lots of naps, swims at the beach and walks (not to mentioned being chased by a real live shark!)

Now to unpacking, a nap and then typing up some of those new words for the novel.