Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sunday 14 November, 2004

How good is living in Australia?

I have had the perfect Sunday. I met Megan this morning at Centennial Park for a morning jog. It was a jog with lashings of walk as we compared notes on who had drunk what the previous night!

From Centennial Park a shower at Megan's and then on to Bondi for a stroll past the annual 'Sculpture by the Sea'. It was fantastic. I can't believe I've never bothered to go before now! Was meant to meet friends - but got there early and so headed off alone. Probably a good thing. I have noticed that I tend to view art more quickly than most. (Who else do you know that could take in the National Potrait Gallery in UK in under 45 minutes?)

Home for a quick nap before heading off to Balmoral Beach with Random for a dip. Water temperature still rather cold - but it was wonderful to have a paddle and look out across the Harbour at the Sunday afternoon skiff racing. From Balmoral onto Leichhardt and dinner with the wonderful Mr Chris and Zoebeast! Champagne, Swordfish and chocolate.

Life is bliss.

Did spend some time confiding in Zoe my fears re Clarion and potential writers block. (What happens if I don't have a single original thought in the entire 6 weeks?) She was all things kind.

Only six weeks or so to go.