Saturday, March 18, 2006

One of the things I love about me is my eternal optimism. I believe I can achieve things on ridiculous time frames.

Optimism is a hard task master.

Yesterday I took a day off work, went to the 'new' flat (at this point I realise I might not have mentioned that about six weeks ago I went insane and bought myself a place to live!). I washed walls, undercoated the two bedrooms.

Then went home, put on nice clothes and went to the theatre.

This morning I was up early, back to the flat to apply more undercoat and then top coat.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for a second coat and to move my possessions from current residence to new abode.

Monday I'm driving to Lake Macquarie to collect some furniture, unpacking boxes and rearranging furniture.

Tuesday I'm back at work.

It's great, it's fabulous, I maybe should have factored another day in there somewhere.

By the way I have a new fridge. It's very shiny and beautiful.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

At 6pm I worked out that I'd worked 16 of the previous 24 hours. Now at home and have just packed a box.

Tomorrow I settle on the new flat - by this time next week I will (hopefully) be moved in having had ceilings painted, sugar soaped and painted walls, taken delivery of a fridge, a bed and a chest of drawers and generally transferred boxes of stuff.

Some time about April I plan to take a deep breath and relax.