Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I had a birthday yesterday and a fine thing it was too.

I worked, ate cake, worked, ate more cake, went out to dinner with friends, drank champagne...

As a result of the champagne imbided today is going to be a long hard slog I suspect.

At least it's only once a year.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Which Market?

Ok, so I'm a newbie on the writer's circuit. Still getting used to the whole process of submission and waiting. But I'm interested in the processes and how they work.

So far now I've submitted to a number of Aussie markets and far less US markets.

I understand that many of the publications I submit to are run as an act of love by individual/s trying to create something for the greater good. And I think that's fantastic. People giving up their free time to give people like me the chance to put stories under the public eye. Thank god.

As a result I try and exert every courtesy in my submission protocols. I write a brief cover letter, I set out my ms in double spaced format - a readable typeface etc. I'm patient and wait until 3 or 4 months have passed without querying - and then if I do query try to do so in understanding and friendly wording.

Here's the crunch - what's the correct expectation on a similarly curteous response time.

I offer no conclusions - but here's my experience to-date.

I've submitted once to Borderlands (probably 2 years ago). At that time it took 6 months to receive a rejection (and a well deserved rejection it was too - an early story that I have now wisely shelved). But I haven't submitted to Borderlands again - despite its good reputation - but I'm not prepared to wait 6 months. (For the record some of my friends have submitted here and had faster responses - so it's possible my humble submission might have hit at a time of large back log in the slush pile).

ASIM, Shadowed Realms, Ticon Online, F&R have all been within the 3 month mark. I'll submit again to any of them.

I've submitted twice to Aurealis. They sent a prompt confirmation of receipt. The first story I queried at the 3 month mark and got a friendly rejection. The second story I received a polite - 'can we hold the story a bit longer?' They've now held the story 9 months - if it gets printed I won't mind the wait. If it's a rejection then it was a long hard wait. But then Aurealis seems to be in a state of flux. I haven't yet seen the next edition which was at the printers in December - is this a dying market?

Internationally - Sci Fiction (sadly gone now) was a 3 month turn around.
F&SF is usually a 9 day response (2 rejections and counting)
I've got stories with Dark Wisdom (hitting the 4 month mark and I'm about to query) and Polyphony (they have advised that they will notify in April).

Feel free to add your own experiences with different markets - share the knowledge.