Saturday, November 05, 2005

Well after a week and a half of sniffles, snuffles and the need to sleep I finally dragged myself out for a jog with Megan this morning. Snuffles became shuffles and we did the Bay Run (ok so we walked for bits - but the effort was fair).

Now ensconced at home, showered and wrapped up in a bathrobe contemplating words.

I've been emailed a list of fellow anthologists in the CSFG Antho. I'm impressed and delighted my story was also chosen. There are many names of people who are fair better and more widely published than I.

I've spent a bit of time this week working on a flash piece. Ang & Shane from had invited me to submit something for their planned 'Redback' Femme Fatale issue. I submitted a month or two back - but recently started reworking something else that had started as a stream of consciousness writing exercise and ended up as a little more. It's short, dark and a little nastier than my earlier piece. They have very kindly agreed to look at the second piece and 'pick' their favourite of the two. So I'd best stop blogging and apply myself to rewrites and the like.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm struggling with a cold bug. The sore throat started last Thursday and by Sunday had progressed to a hacking cough. Now the cough is only with me at night - so I'm functioning much like a zombie at present. Add into the equation a bout of 'dodgey chicken' tummy last night and I'm really cruising on the highway of health!

Tonight I've got to attend a book launch - when all I really want to do is find my bed and collapse in it - the sooner the better! I'm sure once I get there I'll perk up - but that isn't helping me right now.

I'm determined that I'll be better by the weekend and have booked in a run with my weekend running buddy early on Saturday morning. It will either show I'm better or make me worse.

I bought a copy of 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel today. Someone recommended it to me a year ago - I found it in the young adult section - which surprised me as I hadn't realised it was a YA novel. So it seems my flirtation with the YA genre continues!

In writing projects I've got a 1,000 word flash to refine over the weekend and the first rewrite of my story for the Outcast Anthology to work through... and I really need to get back to the YA novel thingy.....

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Back from a weekend in Mudgee - I've unpacked the wine I bought but haven't found time to unpack dirty clothes!

Roo-Treat was gorgeous. A lovely stone cottage built in the 1830's in a secluded valley surrounded by fields full of kangaroos and (at night) wombats.

I took all my writing gear - but between a leisurely Friday evening in front of the fire, wineries and regular meals - nothing happened.

I'm also struggling with a bit of a cold which is a pest.