Friday, July 22, 2005

I hate ambush journalism. Where's the time to work out what you're going to say, to brush your hair, refresh your lipstick. Walking towards a television camera knowing that you're the negative side of the story - the one they want to trap into saying something silly on camera.

But it seems this is part of my chosen career - so I'd better learn to love it!

There was a wedding in Russia today. If I had any Vodka in the house I'd raise a glass. Instead I'll probably just go to bed!

Monday, July 18, 2005

I support the right of every person to express their individuality as long as it doesn't impinge on the next person's ability to express their individuality.


If you are going to express your individuality by wearing a dog collar and leash, I am going to snigger. It's my right. I may also recommend a good stylist...

As to the suggestion that I prefer a snigger to a laugh... absolutely! But laughing is pretty good too!

Oh... and going hunting for champagne after midnight in an unfamiliar city (because the prices in the hotel lobby bar are exhoribitant) only seems sensible after one has already consumed an elegant sufficiency.