Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So sue me - maybe I'm not the smartest kid in town but....

It seems to me that both the Federal (Liberal) Government and the State (Labor) Government are both doing their best to be seen as caring for the environment. Yup - we've heard about global warming, we've seen 'An inconvenient truth' and now we're going to make a token gesture and give people money to change to solar hot water services and so on.

The big push is all about 'Green power', renewable energy. Fields of windmills generating power, hydro and solar none of that nasty coal burning stuff for us. Oh yeah, except for the fact that the nasty coal burning stuff is a major industry.

So in Newcastle, a port here in Australia, the coal ships are lined up because the coal loader can't keep up with demand OR supply. Yup we're wrenching it out of the ground quicker than we can load it on a ship.

Where's it all going - seeing as how we're all green all of a sudden.

China apparently - well if one believes the labels on the beer cans that are being washed up on the north coast - drifting in from the ships in the line waiting to get into port.

What are we going to do about this?

Well it seems the State Government is going to spend $900 million odd dollars building a new coal loader. Yipee - subside the humble local to install solar power - but let's not actually make a stand. Short term jobs might be lost. People might suffer. Stuff the world - we're in it for the next election!