Monday, March 26, 2007

Once upon a time, in a far off galaxy....

I used to play an online multi player game called Everquest (or Evercrack as the addicts knew it). I spent a couple of years adventuring in this world, slaying monsters, making friends, winning magical items.

Then one day I realised that while I'd been off adventuring I'd let my other life fall apart. So I turned my back on Everquest and set about working out how to live on planet earth.

The other day I got back in contact, via email, with someone I used to adventure with. A handsome slightly more experienced bard (I was a woodelf of course). It was lovely catching up on lives (real ones that is) via an email and strange how long ago it all felt - part of a different life. Staying up till all hours of the night just to explore another dungeon, win a little more experience. ..

Perhaps that's why I write speculative fiction, I'm still exploring other worlds.