Thursday, October 12, 2006

Me: I've written a novel.

You: Wow, that's great. Well done. What's it called? I'll look it up next time I'm in a bookshop.

Me: It's not published.

You: Oh well that's still a great effort, well done. I've always meant to write a novel. I'll get around to it one day. What's your's about?

Me: It's kind of about these kids who live in this country town, that's in this sort of fantasy, kind of vaguely post-apocalyptic type world.

You: Fantasy hey? I saw Lord of the Rings. Great movie. That's a lot of words

Me: No, it's not that kind of fantasy. It's not that long either really. Actually it's a young adult novel.

You: Well that's good. Look at Harry Potter - sold millions.

Me: It's not like Harry Potter, well it's got a train in it and kids, but no magic or monsters or anything.

You: So have you started sending it out to publishers yet?

Me: No it's not ready for that. When I said it was finished I meant the first draft, well it's more than a first draft, but it will need lots of changes. I'll probably re-write it three or four times, then send it out, then it will get rejected all over the place, because I it's full of holes, actually it's terrible. The most ordinary novel the world has ever seen - like ever.. in fact I don't think I want to let anyone read it....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On Thursday I will be sending my manuscript to a friend for its first full read through and comments. Woo hoo!

And in good time too. I'm planning to re-submit to the Varuna Manuscript Awards at the end of this month.

I've also printed up the paperwork from the web to fill out as my application for Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Writing.

I'm looking forward to getting the novel off so I can focus on a few other writing projects. I currently have two short stories needing serious attention and then.... well maybe it's time to start another novel.