Saturday, November 05, 2005

Well after a week and a half of sniffles, snuffles and the need to sleep I finally dragged myself out for a jog with Megan this morning. Snuffles became shuffles and we did the Bay Run (ok so we walked for bits - but the effort was fair).

Now ensconced at home, showered and wrapped up in a bathrobe contemplating words.

I've been emailed a list of fellow anthologists in the CSFG Antho. I'm impressed and delighted my story was also chosen. There are many names of people who are fair better and more widely published than I.

I've spent a bit of time this week working on a flash piece. Ang & Shane from had invited me to submit something for their planned 'Redback' Femme Fatale issue. I submitted a month or two back - but recently started reworking something else that had started as a stream of consciousness writing exercise and ended up as a little more. It's short, dark and a little nastier than my earlier piece. They have very kindly agreed to look at the second piece and 'pick' their favourite of the two. So I'd best stop blogging and apply myself to rewrites and the like.


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