Saturday, July 09, 2005

I went to a medical centre on Friday. All I wanted was for them to check my blood pressure and have a look at my iron levels. I had a dizzy spell on Thursday night. The second dizzy spell I've had in the last six weeks or so.

What I got was a Doctor who felt my glands, looked in my ears, listened to my heart and referred me onto Pathology for blood tests and a CAT scan. "A fishing expedition" she called it.

When I made 'too busy' noises re the CAT scan she said, "Either you're sick, or you're not." I didn't cancel.

Now two things here... 1. All medical centres will refer you to pathology if they have half a chance.... especially if that pathology resides under the same roof as them.

2. My sister died of a brain seizure two weeks after she'd had a CAT scan which reveiled that everything was normal.

Not happy Jan.

Just give me the iron tablets and let me go.


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