Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My brother rang the other evening from the UK and put my niece on the line. Apparently my attempts at communicating with the 3 year old failed - she very quickly said 'Bye' and handed me back to Dad!

I must confess to a level of work related grumpiness today. We've had to redo all the position descriptions for all staff in the organisation so they are all in a consistent format referring to things under like headings, making sure that the 'essential' criteria relating to OHS etc are all included that sort of thing. Fair enough.

However, I got rather short on the phone with someone from HR who rang to tell me that one of the position descriptions for my staff wasn't correctly formatted. When I pointed out that I really didn't care if the tick next to the word 'Low' was in a box or not in a box and that the reason I hadn't added their suggestions to the last version I sent through was because I felt it was repititious and unnecessary they asked if they'd called at a bad time.

I try so hard to be nice to people. But sometimes it's very difficult.


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