Monday, June 20, 2005

In things of note I have 1. bought a poncho, 2. been shortlisted in the Antisf 2004 Awards.

1. Ponchomania

When I was young my mum owned a poncho - it had little Mexican men holding hands all over it and was in fabulous colours like green and red and yellow. Looking back it is a garish item - in my memory anytime mum let me borrow it was a special occasion. So keeping my youthful poncho joy in mind - this weekend I bought myself a poncho. Brownish - subdued but stylish. Am I a 1970's fashion disaster? Or just in with current trends? Does it matter if said item brings me joy?

2. Antisf 2004 Awards

I got an email this morning letting me know my flash fiction story 'Our Father' has been shortlisted for the Antisf 2004 Awards. This is pretty cool. Ten stories have been shortlisted and they'll be up on for three months (starting July). Readers can vote and the three most popular stories will win prizes!

Of course in other news I also received notification that another story which was out elsewhere had been rejected. It's good to temper writing euphoria with reality.


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