Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Well I handed a new short story, 'Iron Shirt', in at Thorbies on Sunday for comment. I'd bounced it past a couple of friends and made some changes. The group had some really constructive input. I really must learn to put what's in my head on the paper!

I like this story though - I don't know that it's as fab as it could be yet - but I like the idea I'm playing with. Lucky I guess.... be a shame if I wrote stuff I didn't like (which does happen from time to time).

I've been a little flat the last few days. Had some kind of stomache upset over the weekend that knocked both me, and my energy levels around. Kind of hanging to get out for a run - but suspecting I'll get one block and come over all tired and exhaustivated. Maybe I'll leave it for today and get back to it tomorrow with Boot Camp!

Into my last week at Mosman Council - feels very weird. My office is starting to look almost tidy for the first time in five years. Something to do with finding it easier to throw things out I suspect.

I'm going to Conflux in Canberra this coming weekend and taking a few days down the South Coast next week (for writing and relaxing) before hitting the new job on 2nd May. I've decided to take my old Inkjet printer down to the South Coast house so when I'm down there I can print stuffs up. I'll leave it there and just take the laptop back and forward.

I've been kind of writing my way around starting something novel length. I finally worked out last night that the reason I wasn't really coming to grips with it was because I hadn't actually found my way into the story - and the words I currently have on paper were just a false trail.

So - I'll start again - and hope I'm following the right voice this time.

Little niece has measles and dad goes into hopsital Friday for some tests - hopefully nothing too serious.


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