Friday, April 08, 2005

For a few short weeks I had cheekbones. Yup two of them, one on either side. But now, the effects of sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day (and perhaps a few more in the evening at home), plus a passion for afternoon Jelly Babies and the like, have chased them away. *Sigh*

Still on the good side it's Mufti Day today and I'm wearing a pair of pants that last time I tried on I struggled to do up the zip... so it's not all bad!

This week I've been coming into the office early and doing a little bit of writing before work. It's the only way I can boast of progress as I've been out having a social night every evening this week. Most unlike my usual self.

I think, however, it's a quiet one on Saturday night. I'd offered to babysit for a girl friend but she hasn't taken me up on the offer. (The bub is teething and a bit grumbly apparently) so perhaps a hot tub, glass of wine and some serious pen to paper time...


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