Monday, March 28, 2005

I'm back!

I went down the south coast to the Olds holiday cottage. It's a little fibro house overlooking a salt water lake. No TV, no DVD, no phone, no microwave...

I wrote - came back with two Clarion stories rewritten or 'fixed' and 600 new words of something, that will hopefully become something more sometime very soon! Oh and a throw away kids story idea which I may, or may not bother to come back to. On the whole I was pretty pleased with my work level.

I broke up the solitude with catching up with Pop (who lives 15 minutes away) and K & H who were down for some of the Easter break.

Lots of naps, a run and a swim.

Got back this morning and have napped, thrown some stuff through the wash and enveloped up a story for Writers of the Future Competition.

I've got an RDO tomorrow and I'm hoping to get a little more writing done as well as some social stuff... catch up with Peter for a climb and Michelle for a walk and maybe dinner (depending on how her bub is feeling).

Last night I was sitting down at the water, watching the sun set, glass of champagne in hand and I suddenly thought 'Wouldn't it be cool if my Canadian friend Suzanne were here." Not sure why that thought popped into my head - acting on the impluse I gave her a buzz when I got home today and we had a good chat about things writing. She's agreed to give something a read through for me once I fix it up a bit. The green pen of death!


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