Monday, March 21, 2005

I'm only just starting to appreciate some of the wonderful friendships made at Clarion. On Saturday went to Magic Casements at NSW Writers Centre (a one day speculative fiction festival). Managed to catch up with some of the gang... Team NSW were there and travellers from Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.

I attended sessions across the day - but I think the bit I liked most was late in the day, chilling with Clarion South 2004 and 2005 students and tutors, talking writing, catching up on life stuff, who's going to what writing festivals and when. I hate to sound soppy but they're a great bunch. Met a couple of new peoples also.

So I seem to have promised to hit Canberra in April and Melbourne in July. Should be good.

Have now finished the fix on two of my Clarion stories and pulled out story number 3 to start working on last night. Didn't actually put pen to paper, but reread people's comments and reread the story - got to start somewhere.

Feeling a little tired today - Boot Camp at 6.30am in the dark will do that to you! Okies... now back to the stuff that is the subsistance of my day to day life.


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