Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I got a massage yesterday. Something to release my Clarion stress build up. I'd actually describe it as a 'goudging' rather than a massage. At some point, when the Italian accented masseuse, had his elbow digging deep into my upper thigh I yelped, and suggested that softer would be good.

"No, no," he said, "Must release your stress."

Ok, so today I feel much better. Yesterday I just felt like I'd gone three rounds with someone bigger, rougher and tougher than I.

Have a slight sore throat. Typical of me... delay getting sick until holiday time. It's not too bad but my energy levels are fairly low. Have been doing lots of floating around my apartment in a dazed state, lots of floating around the pool in a dazed state, that sort of thing.

Saw 'Motorcycle Diaries' last night - was good but it did make me wish I knew a little bit more about Cuban politics.

Pulled out my week 1 story this morning and started reading through Crit notes with the intent of working on it. Found I drew a mental blank. Have started on writing a something else. It's probably one of those 'won't see the light of day' things. I'm calling it withdrawal therapy. It's the methadone to my Clarion addiction.


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