Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Well I'm handing in tomorrow. I think it's my weakest story to-date. The good news is I tried something a bit different to my usual stuff... slightly sci-fi bent to it (only very slightly tho). I guess Thursday shall tell.

Tomorrow I'm off after class to the Gold Coast to catch up with Tash and Paul for an afternoon dip and early dinner at a cafe. I'll probably miss Ian (tutor) who's coming to dinner - but I'll catch up with him later in the week.

Nathan and I are planning to collaborate for next week - so had lunch and tossed a couple of ideas around. It's a more tricky concept than I'd normally attempt on my own - but should be fun stretching the limits a bit.

Not much to report. Had dinner on Level 1 and a disconcerting dream about meatloaf.


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