Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Colony aired on SBS tonight. So, for the first time since coming to Brisbane, I settled down to watch some TV. The show, which takes a group of people back to recreate an early settlement in Australia, was largely doing set up in week one, focussing on the settler families. Still they showed each of the convicts - Random / Wayne was there in the background, carrying stuff and banging a post into the ground. Apparently we have to wait for week 2 for people to start falling apart and having arguements and so on!

Had a fairly slow day. I didn't sleep well last night, actually I was up at 1am doing internet banking.... not my best decision, instead of transferring money into my mortgage account I actually transferred it into my friend Merilyn's account. Had to ring her today and request that she didn't spend it on champagne but actually sent it back to me!

I skipped the morning run (good thing too... cos the rain came in really hard just after 6am), and then had a serious nap after class this afternoon.

Have done my reading but couldn't quite bring myself to starting to work on the next story (I handed in this morning and will be up for critique tomorrow). Went down to the common room with some of the gang and watched 'Lost in Space' dvd. I can see I'm going to come home having caught up on all the dodgey science fiction movies that I've missed over the last few years!

Now it's off to bed, and hopefully sleep, so tomorrow I'm ready for Critique Room Dissection!


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