Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Drove to Mittagong on Christmas morning and had lunch with John, Mum & Dad at one of the local restaurants. It was really pleasant - I was glad to be going out rather than doing the 'at home at the folks' thing. I think the fact that we were out, and it was a bit of a treat, put everyone in a more relaxed frame of mind.

In the afternoon John (brother) and I (in separate cars) headed on to Basin View for a couple of days at the cottage. We caught up with Pop and those of that family who were around. John slept and fished a lot and I got in a decent 7km run on Boxing Day and a 1km swim the day after. I came home yesterday. I think John's planning to stay down there until 1 January.

It was wonderful relaxing. I read, and napped generally enjoyed the view.

I think I'm starting to get my thoughts together for my week 2 story. I'm thinking something a little different from what I usually write. I'm not sure when to start tho. Should I wait until I actually get to Brisbane? Should I wait until I've heard the group critique of my week 1 story? Bah... if I procrastinate long enough it won't matter 'cos I'll be there!

Catching up with Kaia and Jenny from school days this evening and Random's popping over to help me set up the laptop so I'm all ready to rock and roll.

Four more sleeps!


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