Wednesday, December 01, 2004

So many happenings in such a short space of time.

First, and most worrisome - Tom (dear family friend, stepfather figure, mentor and much loved person) has had a heart episode today in the heat. He is in St Vincents and all I can do is pray to an uncertain God that all will be well.

Second, and of much less significance is the fact that the info pack for Clarion South has arrived! Suddenly the adventure seems real. In less than four weeks I will be eating, sleeping and critiqueing the works of 16 other budding Speculative Fiction Writers. I am both excited - and nervous. I must confess that hearing that some of the others suffer the same fears as I makes the whole process seem somewhat more approachable.

I spent some time today trying to book accomodation on 1 January for a location halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. I had NO idea that Bellingen was so popular at that time of year! I have shifted my ambitions somewhat and hopefully will find somewhere to break the trip in the next 24 hours or so!

Good night and God Bless to Tom.


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