Monday, November 29, 2004

Paranoia finally overcame me this evening and I rang Nathan - a fellow Clarion South 2005 attendee.

"Um, so has everyone got their Clarion Info Packs except me?"

He reassured me that there wasn't a conspiracy against me. In fact apparently last year the Info Packs arrived the first week in December. So I'll spend the next week staking out the letterbox.

Had a nice chat with Nathan. He seems very normal and suffering the same sorts of anxiety issues as I. Actually there's no reason he wouldn't seem normal. Just because we write about aliens doesn't mean we're drawing on life experience (though sometimes I wonder about some of my some of the Councillors...)

Nathan also pointed out that all the other Clarion South attendees would read my blogs to check out if I mentioned their names and said things about them. If I was truely Machieavellian I"m sure I could work out a way to use this to my advantage... in fact by 2 January I may well have an entire evil plan mapped out which could involve a murder, sexual intrigue and at least three fellow Clarionites having to go home early leaving me with pick of the bedrooms!

Ahh well, time for me to away. I've promised myself I'll do some writing this evening.


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