Friday, May 23, 2003

23 May 2003, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ach Aye the Doo..... or some such nonesense.

Edinburgh is lovely - though I must confess I indulged in a huge bout of homesickness last night. Mum and Dad were lucky they didn't get a reverse charges phone call from me at 5.30am Australian time! The homesickness related more to the dodgy Youth Hostel I'm staying in.... I guess after staying in so many wonderful places I had to hit an ordinary one eventually.

Last night I stopped in at the Deacon Brodie Tavern and raised a glass to mum's Scottish forebears. Apparently Deacon was a respectable citizen by day and a very shady character by night... he's the gentleman that Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde is based on. It seems he ended up with rather a long neck for his efforts!

I went for a long walk up Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park this morning and then onto Edinburgh Castle. In the Scottish War Museum there is a stuffed dog called 'Bob'. Bob was the mascot of one of the Scottish regiments that fought in the Crimean War and was distinguished for his efforts in cannonball chasing!

You will all be pleased to know that I have been working hard on my Scottish accent and I plan to cause you all hours of pain on my return by inflicting it on you!

Tomorrow morning I head to London for an audience with the Queen. Well my niece anyway.... and to see Andrew and Cath. I have my stuffed toy at the ready and shall probably bore you all in my next entry with stories of how much like me baby Natasha is.... her charm... wit... good looks... eridute conversation.... intellect.... I could go on forever... indeed I seem to have!


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