Sunday, May 04, 2003

4 May 2003 - Paros - Greek Islands

Yesterday we boarded a local bus to the other side of the Island. More white buildings with blue trim - and a ferry to the Islands 'best' beaches. We ended up at a beach (the name of which is something like Monstrati...) and found ourselves a sun lounge or two and a beach umbrella (I took the shady side).

It was very pretty - and wonderfully relaxing. With a Taverna right on the beach for when Melon's attention started to wander. We skipped lunch and ordered white wine and a backgammon board!

After backgammon (Susan 3 games to Melon 1) it was back to the beach umbrella. I went for a bit of a wade - but the water wasn't really warm enough for me to brave all in a made dive in.

Last night we went to the Pebbles Jazz Bar - overlooking Parikia Port (the town in which we are a and watched twilight fall across the water.

We have eaten out constantly over the last few weeks and we are promising ourselves a home cooked meal when we get to the flat in Barcelona! If you know Melon and my combined cooking skills you would realise just how desparate we are for home cooked meal!

Today we went to Anti Paros.... the Paros you have when you aren't having Paros... It's a small island just next to Paros and very pretty.

Tomorrow it will be back onto the ferry and off to the island of Milos. Famous for it's Venus of Milos (in a Museum in another country) and hot springs! I may even get to try out my new swimming costume with some snorkelling.


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