Friday, May 02, 2003

2 May 2003 Paros - Greek Islands

This morning we jumped on a ferry from Naxos and here we are in Paros - happily ensconced in a studio apartment with sea glimpses for only 20 Euro a night!

Yesterday, on Naxos, we hired a motorscooter and took off around the island. I steered and Melon clung on for dear life! Actually it wasn't that bad. There were a few moments, heading down what I think was actually a goat track where I wasn't sure if we were going to run off the edge of a cliff or whether the brakes would save us! The brakes won the day.

Winding roads wending their way throught mountains, looking down into green valleys with spots of white visible in the distance. Gotta love Greek colour schemes. Fields covered in red poppies or brilliant yellow. We paused in Filoti then headed back down the hills towards the beach.

In the evening we grabbed a bottle of red, some cheese and biscuits and headed to the ruined Temple of Artemis - just next to the port. From this high spot we sat and watched the sun setting firey red over a golden ocean, Greek Island silhouetted in the distance.

I think Melon is headed to the beach this afternoon... I have sunburnt hands from too long on the motorscooter so I am heading back to the apartment for a nap, a read and later maybe a jog.

Tomorrow we think we'll catch a bus around the Island and see the sites.


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