Saturday, April 26, 2003

25 Aprýl 2003 Canakkle

Anzac Day

Ýt is 2.30am and we are walkýng down a one lane road lýned wýth coaches - joining the hoard heading to the Gallipoli Dawn Service.

At 3am we arrýve at the Memorýal to find the viewing area covered in sleeping bag cocoons. The temperature is 5 degrees and the only sounds are that of quiet swearing as we trip over sleeping modern day ANZACS ýn our search for a berth.

At 4am the entertaýnment starts - they want us awake so that we sýt up and make more room for the people stýll flowing into the site. Apparently there are normally three times as many at this event - Ý haven not yet worked out where they would stack them (let alone the coaches)!

The servýce was lovely - ýf subdued. I found myself gettýng teary eyed when a young Turkish Offýcer read out - in Turkish - a quote from the famous Ataturk. The quote speaks of how Turkey wýll look after the ANZAC fallen as theýr own. Hearýng these words spoken ýn Turkýsh brought me undone. How strange thýs country must have seemed to the Australýans come to do battle so far from home.

Followýng the Dawn Servýce there was a second servýce held at Lone Pýne. The Australýan Servýce. We managed to fýt the Mexýcan Wave - some singalongs - and a few rounds of Ozzý Ozzý Ozzý - Oi Oi Oi ýn (so Ý felt most at home!).

Rýght now Ý am back at the hostel - exhausted (2 hours sleep last nýght) - sunburned (God ýs NOT a redhead) - but pretty pleased wth both myself - and being an Australian. I don't normally sing, but today I did - loudly, proudly and as if no-one was listening! - Well other than Merilyn anyway!

Tomorrow we see Troy. We aren't sure what time yet tho.... Hassle Free Tours seems to mean 'Hassle don't cost anything extra'. From Troy it's onto Selcuk, Ephesus, then Samos and the Greek Islands - leaving unHassle Free Tours behind! As John would say ' Be easy my friend - there is nothing that you can be doing to change this'.

PS For Mike - the frustrated Melbournian - if I don't update the blog for a few days dear.... it means I'm having a wonderful time and didn't get around to it!


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