Saturday, April 12, 2003

12 April 2003

Well I've finally given in.... all those people who have been asking me for the last month whether or not I've started packing will be happy to know... that in a quiet 20 minutes today... I did my first pack.

Everything fitted in which has made me realise I need to go shopping..... I can't go away with a half empty bag! Perhaps I can find room for the little black dress and the sexy high heel boots after all!

I intend to email you all this address.... so that whilst you are carrying on about your mundane lives you can think of me, log in and check out my latest exploits and feel depressed that you are there.... and I am somewhere else.

ALSO it will save me a fortune in postcards - which leaves more money for sipping glasses of wine in exotic locations!

Only six more sleeps.

Lotsa love



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