Monday, April 21, 2003

20 April 2003 Ýstanbul

Merilyn and I have survived the rýgors of long plane flights (I got bored first on the the plane - big surprýise!) and are now happily ensconced ýn the old part of Ýstanbul!

First impressions of Turkey are mad taxi drivers chain smokýng while driving hapharzardly through narrow streets and turning around in their seats - and the fact the EVERYONE owns a carpet shop! If someone greets you on the street you can be sure that just around the corner they have a carpet shop and a cup of apple tea with your name on them!

Today we explored (and I am going to spell this wrong) Topakapi Palace - the Underwater Cistern and the Grand Bazaar. Tonight it is to be bellydancýng at the Orient Hostel. Speaking of which Ý was sorely tempted to buy a bellydance costume while at the Bazaar. I managed to resist - but only just! (There is still time!)

And now - Merilyn is having an afternoon nap and Ý am heading for a few drýnks with a fellow Aussie and two Kiwis (also on route for Gallipoli)

Take care all and sweet dreams for now


PS Ý have worked out how to use the digital camera but do not think Ý wýll be able to post any pictures until Ý get somewhere with better technology. Currently using a Turkish keyboard - a few letters are ýn different spots and the software is in turkish!


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