Thursday, April 24, 2003

23 April 2003 Cannakkle

Yesterday we headed to the Prýnces Islands - just off the coast of Istanbul. Walked up a hýll for some wonderful výews.... followed by lunch by the Harbour. We consýdered takýng a horse and buggy rýde around the ýsland... but decýded a second glass of wýne was more convývýal!

Whýle Merýlyn enjoyed her afternoon nap I waýted for Prayer týme to end and then headed for the Blue Mosque. It was OK - but I do no know ýf the experýence justýfýed havýng to take off my shoes and cover my head (yes I am a cultural vaccuum!). I rapýdly dýscovered that a lone woman on the streets of Istanbul gets offered more than just ýnvýtatýons to výsýt the nearest rug shop! I gracefully declýned all offers and made my getaway... back to the Orýent Hostel and my newfound Aussýe / Kýwý frýends for afternoon drýnks.

I rang mum... sadly ýnstead of beýng 2pm Sydney Australýa týme ýt was 2am. It is a good thing she loves me!

For anyone planning to výsýt Ýstanbul on a budget let me recommend the Doy Doy Restuarant. Only 12 dollars Aussýe for a good feed. They are not allowed to serve alcohol tho due to theýr proxýmýty to the Mosque. We went around the corner after dýnner to a wýne bar... where we spent 12 dollars Aussýe for two drýnks... go fýgure!

Spent today on a bus to Cannakkle and am now ýn the ANZAC Hostel. Tomorrow výsýt Gallýpolý and get the hýstory prýor to Frýday and the Dawn Servýce.


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