Tuesday, April 29, 2003

28 April 2003 Samos - Greek Islands

Last night dinner in a Turkish hill village called Sirence. It's the kind of town you read about in guide books. Narrow cobbled lanes, old whitewashed buildings, stray cats and a sense of having stepped into a storybook. In the restaurant they offered us a range of the local wines peach, apple, blackberry, strawberry. When we looked blank they bought us tastings of the entire range! In a fairly merry mood we ordered a bottle of their finest peach wine and enjoyed a wonderful meal in the setting of an Otterman School House!

Today we went to the (and watch me spell this incorrectly) St. John Basilica. If the cathedral in which St. John's tomb is located still stood it would be the 7th largest in the world. But it's not - so a fairly spurious claim I felt. Nonetheless it was a beautiful spot overlooking the town of Selcuk and out across towards the Aegan. In the end we found ourselves a comfortable spot on the ruins and settled down in the morning sun to while away an hour or so reading and relaxing.

This afternoon it was onto a ferry and off to Greece.

I am writing from the Island of Samos and tomorrow we will toss a coin and in so doing choose our destination for the next few days. Will it be Naxos (home of the Greek God of food and wine) or Ikaria (a more remote island slightly off the main tourist drag) or shall we head for the bright lights of Santorini.....

I have tought Merilyn Backgammon.... and she whipped me off the board. Last time I play a board game with her!

We are both healthy and every now and then we look at each other in amazement and say 'We're in Greece'. Then we do that annoying snicker thing (which we only seem to do in each others company). Guess that means we are having fun. I am trying very hard not to pick up all her annoying speech patterns. Of course I have no annoying phrases or sayings.... so she's safe on that one!


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