Tuesday, May 13, 2003

12 May 2003 Vienna

I have arrived in Vienna and staying at a Youth Hostel near Westbahnhof which puts the city centre about 20 minutes from the front door.

But before I ramble about Vienna .... a few final words on Barcelona.

We went and saw the Sagrada Familie, the Gaudi designed Cathedral that is still under construction on Saturday. I was chatting to dad today and he commented that he had been to see it in 1960. It would be marvellous to go back to Barcelona in 2030 when it's finished.

On Sunday we caught a cable car up to the Castle overlooking Barcelona for a birds eye view of the city. We got lucky and there was an army band performing for the castle's 250th birthday - so our view was complemented by the strains of classical music!

This morning I got up early and went for a walk beside the Marina before coming back to the apartment to pack. Multi-million dollar yachts lined the docks. Only 200 metres away I passed a homeless man, stripped down to his pants and doing push-ups on the pavement next to his shirt, bags, and mornings wine cask.

This afternoon Vienna is grey and wet. I ventured into the city centre to explore - and rapidly decided I needed a better map!

I am meeting a school friend, Amanda, tomorrow morning on the steps of the Opera House. She is en route to a conference in Croatia from Poland or Bulgaria or somewhere like that and it is lucky coincidence that we are able to bump into each other for a day of exploring, coffee shops and catching up.

I am missing Merilyn already (despite out traumatic break-up!).


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