Saturday, May 10, 2003

10 May 2003

You are invited to a dinner party.

Where: Flat 1.1 18 Banys Vells, La Riberia, Barcelona
When: 8pm, Friday 9 May 2003
Attire: Clean if possible (hot water permitting)
Conversation Topics: Travel, the state of the nation, relationships...
Menu: A delicate vegetarian stir fry sprinkled with lightly sauteed bacon followed by strawberries fresh from the markets!

I was hesitant when Merilyn first suggested the dinner party. The invitation list, choosing the perfect menu, what wine to accompany it, the preparation time. In the end I weakened. We discussed setting for eight, but settled on four (taking into account the distance involved and lateness of the invitations).

I made myself a slave to the kitchen, dicing and slicing, stirring and sauteeing while Merilyn looked after wine choices, dinner setting and evening entertainment (Bewitched - the Spanish dub).

Dinner conversation flowed without pause. Light hearted anecdotes, serious discussion, religion, politics, relationships were all dissection across the table.

After dinner, we all retired to the balcony for after dinner cigarettes and some alley watching.

Our first Spanish dinner party!


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