Friday, May 09, 2003

9 May 2003 Barcelona

Imagine narrow alleys of old apartments, open squares surrounded by bars, restaurants and cafes, around this corner a medieval castle, the next to the left an ancient cathedral with soaring arches reaching to the heavens, and saints of evey persuasion lining the walls.

Our apartment lies just off one of the main squares near Santa Maria Cathedral in the old part of town. It is wonderfully spacious after 2 and a half weeks of twin rooms in pensions and simple hotels. It is also incredibly romantic.... candles all around... unfortunately the owner forgot to pay his most recent electricity bill - we have decided it simply adds to the atmosphere!

Last night we huddled in a smokey little wine bar drinking ┬┤cava┬┤ and eating cheese and bread dipped in tomato and olive oil. Today we visited the Picasso Museum and dropped in to light (yet another) candle in the Santa Maria Cathedral.

The PIcasso Museum was wonderful. Rooms of sketches, paintings, ceramics and sculptures produced from Picassos earliest beginnings at the age of 13 to his death. It was inspiring to see the influences that he had studied over the years to bring him to his own unique and best known styles. And humbling to be reminded that he started as a painter of potraits and still lifes before exploring other styles.

We are taking a slow pace today. I am slowed by an annoying fluey bug and Merilyn has a headache. This afternoon perhaps the Museum of Contemporary art and a stroll along La Rambla......


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